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The New Thomas Nelson Chronological Bible

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Heartfelt Devotionals

Heartfelt Devotionals

Heartfelt Devotionals,
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This not so recent picture is one I like. When we meet you can tell me if I still look this good!

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The Prophecy Answer Book

The Prophecy Answer Book

by David Jeremiah

I highly appreciate Dr David Jeremiah and his ministry, so when he quotes some statistics and explains certain Bible verses, I listen.

However, this book is not what I expected. Yet I don’t know what I expected either!

It is just that the book is laid out in an unusual way. The question we all might ask is at the top of the page in plain English.

For instance, on page 23, the question is this. Will there be one world leader? Then Dr. Jeremiah explains and in that explanation, he includes or mentions the Bible verse dealing with the question.

The book is so readable and people friendly that the information at times seemed especially scary. He discusses what will happen to those who refuse to believe in Jesus. Yes, I know we have all hear little bits of this stuff but when it is altogether in one place?—-I personally have resolved to do more to lead others to Christ.

How dare we keep this Christ to ourselves when those who do not accept Him will perish?

The book might frighten you, too. So it should. The time is short. There is none to waste. We have the lives of our families, friends, neighbours, acquaintances and strangers in our hands.

Brenda Wood

Posted by: Brenda J. Wood | May 25, 2010

Dad’s Bible

Dad’s Bible -Notes by Robert Wolgemuth

The NCV version is new to me but is quite enjoyable reading. I appreciate the fact that it is a direct translation of the Greek and Hebrew and is in familiar everyday language.

To my knowledge, this is the first Bible specifically for “Dads.”

It is helpful to have everyday terms used for our modern day measurements and even for the places.

It makes it easy to follow the theme in mind and on map!

I am encouraged to see ‘him or her’ as applicable, and ‘they’ when it means all of us, that is-not just men!

The instructional notes are excellent. They will be especially encouraging to any fellows that use this Bible. Who doesn’t want to be the best dad to their children?

I would have no hesitation in giving one of these Bibles to any man in my family.. and Fathers’ Day is rapidly approaching!

The only draw back I can see in this volume is the lovely burnt edges. Yes, I can see they were designed with great care. However, this makes the pages terribly dark and hard to read.

Posted by: Brenda J. Wood | May 8, 2010

Embrace Your Second Calling

Embrace Your Second Calling

Now this is a book I really liked. Maybe it’s because I am of that delicate second calling age. You know, that age where we wonder what on earth we pushed so hard for. Wonder why we chased after all the wrong things. And wonder if it’s too late to start over. Yes, that is where I’ve been for this last little while.

Dale Hanson Burke gives thought, direction and comfort in this book. With the addition of reflections, quotes and prayers, she makes the path clear.

We are not too old. We are not too frumpy and we are not finished. God always has a plan that will bring us to a better place. He loves us just the way we are but wants to help us get to a better place, one where we can fully trust Him as He restarts our life into new directions, careers and beginnings. None of them involve a rocking chair!

Ms. Burke ended up in a brand new career, once she allowed herself time to reflect and think on where God was leading her. When she was ready to go, they went> And so, she points out, can we!

Posted by: Brenda J. Wood | April 21, 2010

Walk Like You Have Somewhere To Go!

The title alone would give me cause to buy this book. Lucille O’Neal lays her life on the line for all to see in this tell it all biography. In fact, her down-to-earth manner of writing is sometimes too painfully honest. She leaves out no committed sin but tells is like it is.

I am not a basketball fan but this ‘growing -up’ story of both mom, Lucille and her famous son Shaquille, will inspire every reader.

Lucille is an example of how to aim higher. Did you get that? No,we do not need to be content where we are!

Lucille had her baby out of wedlock, conquered the welfare lifestyle and moved into self-supporting mode. She refused to accept the norm. SOme of her decisions would not have been mine. However, she is so honest about her errors and mistakes that you just have to love her.

She came from a harsh background into a life of late college degrees, honestly earned, not bestowed! She heads a fund raiser for Ovarian cancer. She is also the president of the Mothers of Professional Basketball Players Association.

Wonder woman? No, just a gal like you and I who poured her heart into living.

This would be a great book for all the sports moms out there. I am not one of those but I thoroughly enjoyed it just the same.

Brenda Wood

Posted by: Brenda J. Wood | March 25, 2010

Brenda’s Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Upcoming speaking engagements
Tuesday April 27, Vic Johnston Community Centre, Streetsville
Tuesday May 18, Quality Hotel, 754 Bronte Road, Oakville
Wednesday May 19, Compass Point Church, 2501 Eaglesfield Drive Burlington
Monday June 21, Central Pentecostal Church, Elora
Tuesday July 20, Whiteshields Banquet Hall, Toronto

Posted by: Brenda J. Wood | March 19, 2010

Chronological Guide to the Bible

Shaken Up Again!

Everything I said about the Chronological Study Bible (Thomas Nelson) I can /could say about the Chronological Guide to the Bible. Its chockfull of cultural information, time capsules and explanations of difficult subjects.

It’s easy to use. It’s well illustrated. Imagine the Psalms sprinkled throughout the Old Testament or the Gospels intermingled and printed in order of happening events.

Scholars, pastors, teachers and serious writers will find it invaluable because it eliminates the need for several other study books, but everyday folk like me will appreciate it too.

There I said it again. BUT the best ting about this study guide is that I can use it with my favourite version of my favourite Bible.  This is the big difference between it and the Chronological Study Bible. Grand as the Bible is, it must be used in that particular version.

So here I sit with my guide in one hand and my Amplified Version in another and I know what was going on in the worlds when a certain passage of scripture was written. (Where scholars disagree, the guide is quite careful to say so and make an honest attempt at the correct answer).  I can check out the order of Biblical history.

I can admire the fine quality paper and clear print. Honestly I can find nothing to put me off this publication at all. You will like it.

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That Patsy Clairmont-Kaleidoscope

Posted 3/1/2010: That Patsy is at it again! Writing books that are easy to read and include a little chuckle! Kaleidoscope is a look at Proverbs. I am familiar with Jan Silvious’s book, Fool Proofing your Life and wondered if this would be similar. No, not at all. Jan looks at Proverbs and how it speaks to the fools in our life. Patsy’s book takes individual Proverbs and compares them to our life today.
I like the realistic application and the ‘Bits and Pieces’ questions that follow each section. Her little stories that illustrate each just point out again- that Patsy is a down to earth person with the same woes as all of us.
I read it in one sitting. Quite enjoyable, if not earth-shaking.

Posted by: Brenda J. Wood | February 17, 2010

The Voice of Psalms

The Voice of Psalms

I was really looking forward to reading this book. The timing was perfect; readings for Lent! I was all ready to go! Then I opened the book to discover that the print size is for long-sighted pirates with gigantic telescopes. I am squinting my way through it.

On top of that I find that only a few Psalms have comments. Why pick and choose? Why not treat each with joyful interpretation?  At first I thought that some of the minor less compelling Psalms must be the ones being ignored. Then I found Psalm 53, totally by-passed! Surely not!

If I had glanced through this book at a store, I would have left it there.

Content? Terrific.

Translation? Good!

Ability to read the teeny print? Most people? No, nadda and no way…

A pity. This book will never reach its sales potential just because of that tiny teensy print…which eliminates 50% or more of readers

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