Posted by: Brenda J. Wood | July 25, 2010

Jungle Warfare

This book is based on the Basic Field Manual of the U.S. army. As a writer, I really appreciate the way Christopher Cunningham stretches his imagination and thus the readers. Cunningham’s grandfather owned the original manual and thoughts of ‘grandpa’ run through out.

The book is sectioned into 22 days. Each of those days contains quote from the original manual, then a pep talk, a prayer, a section for your own thoughts and a place for prayer requests.

I know he wrote it specifically for Christians in  sales, however, it would stand any of us in good stead.

It is realistic for today’s market. For example, in day nine, the author writes this:

“If you began this on a Sunday, I pray that your position affords you this as a day of rest, as your Sabbath. Even if it doesn’t, and you must work….”

Sunday work is part of our life yet most writers get all holy about it and pretend it just isn’t happening. That leaves those of us who have to work on the Sabbath in quite a quandary. Shall we lose our job or displease God?

On the negative side, it does get preachy at times.

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