Posted by: Brenda J. Wood | July 17, 2010

That Sandi Patty Book

I was a little surprised by the subject of this book. I guess I don’t follow the news closely enough. I did know that Sandi battled her weight just like me. I didn’t know Sandi had a lap-band procedure done.

My friend just had one and so I can understand and sympathize with what Sandi had to go through. I would have liked more information on how she coped with the restrictive eating after the surgery. I want to give this book to my friend and it was somewhat useful but could have been so much more useful.

I still am not clear on why people can use self-control after the surgery and not before.

The book is  a friendly read. That is, I read it easily in one night. The topic is right up my alley. I am always watching my weight too.

It does stray a little from the original topic into how happy her life is now and how God is meeting her needs in other ways. I again, would have liked more information on how He is also meeting her food needs.

I liked the book but I really again would have like more info on the whole topic of weight struggle, and our different ways of attacking it.

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